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Daiichi's company operates in the field is a joint venture production and business appliances, refrigeration. With nearly 200 employees working at the branch in North, Central and South, we have been and will always give customers and partners trust the products and the best service.
The items currently we are producing and trading in the following main headings:
        Appliances ticker: Rice cooker, pressure cooker, microwave, vacuum cleaner, electric stove from, RO water purifier, generators, electric fans, blenders, irons, hair dryers, average hydropower, versatile cooker, grill, kettle super speed, average hydro ...
        Kitchen ticker: pots, pans nonstick, non-stick pan, aluminum 2-sided pan, warm ...
        ticker Kitchen appliances: gas stove negative, positive gas stove, gas stove versatile, average gas hot and cold shower, hood, dish dryer ...
        Refrigeration Products ticker: Includes automatic - Cabinets and Closets Wet Mat types.
Daiichi-branded products are manufactured based on the motto of the company is the product of good quality, reasonable prices for consumers and beautiful appearance.
We warmly welcome partners and individuals at home and abroad to seek and build business relationships and long lasting.
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