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Power 2000W 
Flat glass surface 
Touch control panel 
Preset menu 

Power 2000W, allows faster cooking 
Kitchen surfaces are absolutely flat glass, easy to clean 
Alarm system when no pot, ensuring the safety of users 
Multi-function heated, allowing the food in the pot are delicious 
Timer function up to 24 hours
Panel Language: English / Vietnamese 
Voltage: 220V-240V 
Buttons: Touch 
Timer function: Yes (24 hours) 
Over-voltage - Auto shut-off: Yes 
Overheating - Auto off: Yes 
Power: 400W-2000W 
Power level: 8 
Temperature: 60-240 degrees 
Temperature: 6 
Alarm pot: Yes (Lights flashing + Audio) 
Material surface: flat mirrors 
Cooking functions: 2 mode 
Length of power cord: 1.4m 
Nets to protect fans: Yes
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